About Us, from the Founders

Image shows three pairs of hands holding the 3 flavors of St Hildie’s.

To make things official, we have a very official note to share. We are three healthy women, who like to drink alcohol. We created St Hildie’s because we couldn’t find a boozy drink that seamlessly fit in with our healthy lifestyles. While the media tells us there are lots of better-for-you drinks, we didn’t agree.

We started crafting drinks in our kitchens, in fact our process always starts with our love of food and fresh ingredients, in our kitchens. We use real fruit juices & real botanical tinctures. We wanted something that wasn’t fake, and was a little lightly juicy because it has real juice in it. How is something pineapple chili-flavored and completely clear? We made what we wanted to drink.

That is why we crafted St Hildie’s for the wellness-conscious drinker (ourselves & you), that encourages conscious consumption, with a brand that reflects the intentional approach at every touchpoint. We like to say that St Hildie’s Spike Tincture Tonics sit at the intersection of ancient wisdom, modern wellness and a good time.

We named our brand after our muse, St Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century mystic and the mother of plant medicine. Drawing from her wisdom on botanicals, the Universe, nature, art and music, she also enjoyed a beer!

We focus on fostering community and innovation in the male-dominated alcohol space, and each can of St Hildie’s supports an innovative, feminist approach to planetary health through our partnership with Health in Harmony.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

With Joy,

Co-founders, Christine, Alexi and Meghan



The Founding Hildie's: Christine, Meg & Alexi

We are the founders of St Hildie’s Spiked Tincture Tonics, effervescent tonics made with real plants and botanical tinctures for uplifted imbibing.