The Immaculate Inception of St Hildie’s Spiked Tincture Tonics


Sequestered in a neat little seaside bungalow, off-season and very much on a journey inward, three women sat around a pile of whiteboards, stacks of journals, crystals, post-it notes and bottles in all shapes and sizes containing myriad tinctures and botanical concoctions.

“Why does “better-for-you booze” have to mean cr*p in a can with 100 calories?” “How is it naturally flavored AND totally, completely clear?” “What is even in this thing?”

Christine had been working on the idea of a more elevated, spiked canned beverage with real ingredients, rather that the mysterious “essences” and “natural” flavors, for several months, refining recipes and sampling it with her focus group (aka husband, mostly, and college friends on a girls weekend). And they were into it. Like, really into it. In fact everyone she told about the idea was into it. Most significantly, the women who would become her partners in the business, Alexi Cashen and me.

That was the teeny little seed that started it all. And that seed was watered, nurtured and blessed, in this little bungalow, in the very first St Hildie’s Circle—our official and intentional beginning of building a better kind of alcohol company.

Many of-the-moment opportunities and synchronicities arose as we moved along our path. The largely male-dominated—and in many ways antiquated—alcohol industry was RIPE for reinvention. The desire for better versions of the “healthier” alcohol options out there (looking at you, White Claw) was palpable. And there were loads of huge companies trying to get in on the hard seltzer craze…with absolutely no depth or soul.

We knew we could do it better. Being lifelong seekers in mind, body, and spirit, we knew we could bring a totally fresh perspective to the rutted path.

We are three healthy women who like to drink. So, we make what we want to drink. So simple. And it turns out, other people want to drink it, too. A lot of people. People who believe that you can live a clean lifestyle and still clink glasses with friends.

St Hildie’s is made for conscious consumption. Everything that goes into it was specifically chosen to contribute to the symphony of flavors and complexity. There is 5% ABV so you can tip one back without getting too tipsy. All the ingredients are real, there is nothing fake in our cans. And we actually tell you what is in the can.

St Hildie’s went through many iterations—ideas, delicious and unsavory, multitudes of revisions and refinements to get to the effervescent, delectable, light, and complex Tincture Tonics they are today. And don’t even get me started about the list of names and trademarks, not to mention design iterations, maybe we can talk about that later, but for now, too soon, too soon. But we had to go on that journey to bring all the learnings and experience and to land where we landed. St Hildie’s Spiked Tincture Tonics in Guava Ginger, Lemon Turmeric and Elderberry Hibiscus to launch.

So please stay tuned (sage advice for always, really) for behind the scenes peeks at how we are building St Hildie’s with intention, purpose, love, community, drive, and unwavering passion for better. And some great parties. And please reach out and ask us stuff, maybe we will answer it here. We love clinking glasses (or cans!) with our growing community.

With joy,
One of the three of The Founding Hildie’s



The Founding Hildie's: Christine, Meg & Alexi

We are the founders of St Hildie’s Spiked Tincture Tonics, effervescent tonics made with real plants and botanical tinctures for uplifted imbibing.